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Title won by being Authentic

Titles won by being Authentic Click to watch video Good Morning and Congratulations to the Milwaukee Bucks on becoming World Champions for the second time in their 53 year history. It was great to see after 50 years that the Milwaukee Bucks were able to assembly a team of hard working guys who each cared […]

Congratulations to everyone at Premier Machine Tool Midwest

Congratulations to everyone at Premier Machine Tool Midwest for being awarded some very impressive awards from Hwacheon Machinery America. #manufacturing Hwacheon Machinery America, Inc. -Sirius Sales Achievement Award for Top U.S. Dealer for 2020 (second time winning this award) -Hwacheon President Club Award – Bronze Level for 2020 -Top Salesman Award (one of three in […]

Cheers…… to those who influenced you

Cheers to those who influenced you Click to watch video Do you ever think back to the people who influenced you the most? Most people would say their parents which they should considering you spend your impressionable years with them. My mom was a big influence on who I am, and my dad was a […]

Sunday to jump start your work week

Sunday to jump start your work week Click to watch video It is Sunday today and what are you doing that will make your week better? Today I am hoping you are doing something positive. As the motivational speaker – Matthew Kelly stated: Do not waste a single Sunday. If you do not waste Sundays, […]

Customer H-E-L-P rather than Customer H-E-L-L

Customer H-e-l-p rather than Customer H-e-l-l Click to watch video Customers want Help….let me say that again….Customers want help!…. A Friend of mine noted that most companies only go 3/4 of the way. They give customers h-e-l rather than h-e-l-p. You know the lines your hear like, sorry but we don’t have a service tech […]

How to Gain a Skilled Trade

Skilled Trades…apply here Click to watch video Want to learn a skilled trade in Manufacturing Industry? Watch this video and learn who is willing to help and lead young people in that direction. Kids are told at a young age that they must go to a 4-year college and some do but what about the […]

How True are Our LinkedIn Poll Results?

LinkedIn Poll Results Click to watch video Watch today’s video to learn about the results of our poll question: When you are selecting a new machine tool vendor, which of the following criteria is most important? The choices were Relationship, Value Added or price. The results are what we thought at Premier but not what […]

Hwacheon Machines that Produce….No Problem

We recently met with our good customer who has trusted us with the purchase of 2 Hwacheon M2 5 Axis machines to enhance his business. We presented him with a framed Hwacheon picture of the M2 Machine that he currently has. If you want a positive outcome with your machinery needs….Contact us at 414-254-5150 / […]

How to Eliminate those Limits

  C2 – How to eliminate those limits Click to watch video   In Manufacturing, limitations mean 3 things; more headaches, less productivity, and the hardest one to hear… less profit. So, what would it be worth to you if we could get rid of one major limitation that everyone has accepted as normal? On […]

How to AVOID the Big Game Letdown

How to avoid the big game letdown Click to watch video   Well, the big game is over and some of us are disappointed in the game, not to mention the overly aggressive refereeing seemingly one sided? Some are dismayed by what they call Super Bowl worthy commercials, and some are not impressed at all […]