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Cheers…… to those who influenced you

Do you ever think back to the people who influenced you the most?

Most people would say their parents which they should considering you spend your impressionable years with them.

My mom was a big influence on who I am, and my dad was a big influence on what career path I took and why I love the machine tool industry.

But who else has influenced you and have you ever taken the time to thanked them for it?

On today’s Premier Post Minute, I wanted to discuss those who influence me and thank them. Plus make you think about who influenced you?

We all had that special teacher who believed in you and for me that was Mr. Brill who was my America Problems teacher (yes, we had problems back then) along with US History. He believed in me and we had a strong bond as I started to believe in myself because he believed in me at a young age.

Then there are all those in my work career,

Like Scott Buth who probably does not know the influence he had on me. He was tough but fair and worked hard. He instilled that for me to be successful I needed to do the same. He also believed in my ability and I thank him for that.

I also remember my dad instilling a positive attitude was critical to success and he sent me to seminars with the likes of Zig Ziglar, Paul Harvey and Reverend Robert Schuller as their messages were so powerful and yet relevant today.

And then there is Jeffrey Gitomer who I am friends with today and still is one of the greatest sales and business guys around. He is such a giver, and his knowledge is so inspiring and helpful.

Along with Jim Rohn who has some of the best quotes about life. If you can watch a video or read a book by any of these people you will be amazed and inspired.

I am also grateful for such a great business partner Josh Witt who has also taught me so much.

There are many others, but I remember this one story with my dad. I once asked him in my early years working for him for a raise. he said quickly, YES to my surprise and followed that up with …… go sell something. I have never forgot that as my dad always felt he could sell his way out of any situation.

I learn a lot from him through good and bad times, but I will always cherish those memories.

Then there is my wife and kids who I love, cherish and respect so much. I thank them every day I am with them.

There are so many more that I do not have time for today, but I hope my stories help you think about those in your life and your stories that need to be told and need to be remembered.

I challenge you to take 10 minutes today and think about those who have influenced you. If you want to share some of your stories, please contact me or comment below.

Life is great and I hope you have a blessed day today as you think of those people who influenced you.


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