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Who is helping you uncover opportunities and offering ideas to grow your business?

Want Help? Want Ideas? Want a Partnership? Stop By Booth #211

Who is helping you uncover opportunities?

Who is giving you ideas to grow your business?

Who is helping you win more business?

Hi I am A.J. Schweda- Co-Owner of Premier Machine Tool Midwest and in today’s Premier Post we want to discuss this year’s Wisconsin Mfg. and Technology Show October 5th-7th and how you can have a different experience that can help you uncover opportunities, gain new ideas and ultimately help you win more business. I bet you are asking yourself, how do I do this as I have been to too many trade shows to mention and most of the time gain nothing.

Well, go to the show and look to avoid those booths that are just boasting how great they are or those who puke all over you with technical information.

Look for the booths that give help first! Give ideas and offer to help grow your business with relationships they can introduce you too.

Sound too good to be true? You are probably right but as you visit all the different booths, see if you notice a difference?

A difference in how they treat you and how they would rather help you then just sell you. If they only treat you like a transaction you should run the other way because you should be treated like a relationship, Partnership and a friend. when you come to a tradeshow, the object is not to go home with a couple of koozie cupholders and some golf balls. it’s to go home with ideas that you can turn into money.

We don’t have golf balls, we don’t have koozie cups – we have ideas – Stop by booth 211 and grab a couple Ideas.