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Zero rejections since Monti Incorporated works with leveled parts from ARKU

Monti cuts production time, increases part quality through ARKU contract leveling service

Cincinnati, OH – In its search for a leveling solution for its electrical industry parts, Monti Incorporated didn’t have to look far. The company found ARKU’s leveling service center literally right around the corner in Cincinnati. While the companies‘ proximity did not seal the deal, the leveling center’s turnaround time and part quality did. “We have been able to cut production times by as much as 15 percent, reduce our part rejection rate and increase product quality,” said Nate Duhl, Account Manager with Monti. “The location and dependability of ARKU makes it just another aspect of our production process. It’s like a partnership.”

Monti specializes in manufacturing and fabricating copper and aluminum conductors, insulators, and steel components for the electrical distribution industry. The shop handles CNC machining, metal fabrication, stamping, water jet cutting, welding, brazing, die design, epoxy coating, and assemblies inside a new 200,000-square foot manufacturing facility in Cincinnati. The 40-year-old company provides prototyping expertise and recommends areas of savings to its OEM customers. Monti serves customers who‘s quantity needs range from limited to high-volume production. Duhl and Monti also tap into ARKU’s manufacturing expertise, consulting with leveling center supervisor Chad Ellis on quotes and new-product development processes.

“ARKU is an extension of our operations,” said Duhl. “The work they do for us not only trims our production time, the leveling allows us to meet critical tolerances for our customers, giving us a competitive edge.”

Monti recently also discovered that deburring at the service center using ARKU’s new EdgeBreaker® deburring and rounding machine is more cost effective and saves production time over manual in-house processing. “Since we’ve been processing parts with ARKU, we’ve had zero rejections,” said Duhl. “This business is ever evolving, and to stay competitive we rely on continuous improvement and are consistently trying to get better and find new process that work for us and provide value to our customers. Working with ARKU has been huge for us, and our relationship has been integral in the continued success and evolution of our business.”

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