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EMCO MAIER – HYPERTURN 65 Powermill – for greater productivity in complete machining operations for complex workpieces

More clearance, more power, more possibilities: with a spindle distance of 1300 mm, a powerful counter spindle which also allows 4 axis machining, a B axis with a direct drive for complex 5-axis simultaneous milling operations, an additional Y axis for the lower turret, and all proven, high-quality features of the Hyperturn series, the Hyperturn 65 Powermill is a powerful addition to every machine range.

The HYPERTURN series was conceived to gain considerable increases in productivity during series production. Complex as well as costly turning, drilling, milling and gear cutting operations can be carried out in only one work process. Additional clampings and the temporary storage of parts are no longer necessary and workpiece precision is greatly improved. Total production time, fixture and personnel costs, as well as floor space requirements can be drastically reduced by choosing to work with the HYPERTURN.

With a spindle distance of 1300 mm, the Hyperturn 65 Powermill has significantly more clearance for simultaneous machining works on the main and counter spindles than comparable models. With 29 kW and 250 Nm the counter spindle now has enough power to machine the workpiece simultaneously with two tools. This “4 axis machining” is a further aspect to improve productivity. A further benefit is the milling spindle, which with 29 kW, 79 Nm and 12,000 rpm, stands for high productivity in the complete machining of complex workpieces. The B axis direct drive gives the Hyperturn 65 PM good dynamics and contour capabilities with 5 axis simultaneous machining, alongside shorter ancillary times spent changing tools. The additional Y-axis on the lower turret makes extensive milling work possible at the same time as machining with the milling spindle.

20, 40 or 80 piece tool magazines with HSK T63 give the user more possibilities for complete machining operations of complex workpieces, with simultaneously low set-up times for individual parts manufacturing and high stability for turning and milling works. The frontal arrangement is easy to set up and ergonomic.

As an alternative to the VDI30 or VDI40 12 position tool turret, EMCO offers a new generation of turret with BMT interface and direct drive. Higher stability and precision, and performance data similar to a milling machine, enable the complete machining of turning/milling workpieces.

The machine versions with a milling spindle and turret including milling drive (SMBY/SMBY2) have a cross slide underneath with a 12 position radial turret for 12 driven tools working up to speeds of 5000 rpm.

The automatic bar machining and/or delivery of unit loads via a robot solution or the EMCO gantry loader offer excellent potential for increased efficiency in automation.

In addition to mechanical and electrical performance values, control systems and software are increasingly determining the productive efficiency of machine tools. Emco has therefore fitted the Hyperturn 65 with the SINUMERIK 840D sl control unit from Siemens. The new user interface enables an intuitive and significantly easier programming of the machine.

Utilizing the machine to its full capacity as far as possible is a crucial aspect for increasing productivity – the EMCO CPS Pilot can generate time and cost savings during machining as the software enables customers to plan, program, simulate, and optimize production runs on their PCs using a 3D model of the machine. The combination of the HYPERTURN with the new EMCO CPS Pilot results in extremely positive multiplier effects: the perfect interplay between CPS Pilot and the HYPERTURN means significant cost and time savings can be achieved (see also the press release on EMCO CPS Pilot).

The HYPERTURN 65 Powermill is particularly interesting for the serial production of workpieces, for example in the automotive industry, the fields of mechanical engineering and materials handling, but also for the aircraft industry. For more information about the new Hyperturn 65 Powermill

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