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“Two machines in one, Swiss-type and a Lathe” with 7 Axis, Up to 8 Live Tools 1.25” Bar Capacity , 1.375”Bar Cap. w/o Guide Bush 23 Standard Tool Pos., 9000 lbs. Poly/Conc. Mach. Bed., Fanuc Control w/all options.

Maier is recognized as a world leader not only in technology, but also in its application to effective manufacturing solutions.

*HYBRID – Removable Bushing

1.            Quick changeover from a Swiss to a Lathe

2.            Saves on Bar Grinding Costs

3.            Much Shorter Bar Remnants


•             Main Spindle with 7.5 HP Core Motor •  Coolant Pump with 1.5 Bar (21.75

•             Full-size Sub Spindle with 7.5 HP Core Motor.

•             Tool Plate with up to 14 Tools and 4 Driven Tools – Head 1 – Main Spindle

•             Sub Spindle tooling with up to 9 tool pos. and 4 Live Tools – Head 2.

•             1.4 HP on all Live Tools.

•             Stable, Vibration-free Concrete Polymer Composite Machine Bed

•             Electronic Hand Wheel

•             220mm (8.66”) Z-Axis Stroke

•             Pneumatic Part Ejector on Sub Spindle including Spindle Air Blow.

•             Includes Workpiece Conveyor PSI) and 240L/min.

•             Synchronous Driven Guide Bush.

•             Central Lubrication with Oil Level Monitor

•             Full 2 year Warranty – Machine and Control.

•             Fanuc 31iT Control w/all options turned on.

•             1,260 IPM Rapids in all Axes

•             Fanuc “Alpha” series servo motors with .75 G acceleration.

•             Full “C” axis Main and Sub spindle.

•             Spindle Indexing -.001 Deg. -“C” Axis

•             Removable Guide Bushing for Lathe Operations.

If you have not heard about Maier CNC Lathes……..You should and Premier is proud to be the exclusive representative for Wisconsin and UP of Michigan.

Learn more today- Sales 414-254-5150 / info@pmtmidwest.com

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