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Hwacheon High Speed, High Precision Hi-M G1 VMC for Graphite



Hwacheon Hi-M G1 vertical machining center (VMC) is specially designed to cut graphite. Its quick and precise performance makes it suitable for dry cutting graphite electrode material used in die mold work. The rigid yet compact structure, with a design based on 3D/FEM analysis, and wide LM guides for X/Y/Z axes provide accuracy.

For high-speed operation, the 24,000 RPM spindle is integrated with a high power motor, and without any parts to transfer power between the motor and spindle. This design minimizes vibration, noise and power loss during high-speed rotation. In addition, a bearing grease lubrication system and synchronous temperature control decreases the influence of external temperature variation and improves smoothness.

For quality results, the Hi-M G1 is engineered with a dustproof/waterproof spindle and an advanced dust reduction system. This system includes a sealed roof design that collects the fine dust generated during the machine process. A dustproof air curtain system prevents dust inflow into each axis. Included as standard, the dust collector operates with 5 HP air volume. The design of the Hi-M G1 door enables convenient cleaning.

The user-friendly Hi-M G1 includes a Siemens 828D controller. It provides flexible, interactive programming, as well as controls that enable high productivity.

Hi-M G1 specifications include a spindle coolant system, an HSK-E40 spindle taper, a 29.52″ x 23.62″ table with an 881.84 lb. load capacity and a 16 tool ATC. The machine occupies 83.26″ x 87.8″ of floor space and weighs 10,582 lbs. The dimensions of the dust collector are 38.18″ x 38.18″.

Other applications of the Hi-M G1 include high precision graphite automotive parts machining.

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