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ARKU strives for continuous improvement

ARKU strives for continuous improvement – all in all to achieve the highest grade of customer satisfaction. Your concern is ours and it´s always our goal to achieve smoother sales and service processes in order to efficiently and effectively solve your challenges.

Since ARKU has obtained the ISO 9001 certification in 2008, our efforts have proven to be very successful. Quality management has become part of ARKU´s everyday life and it´s an important aspect when it comes to production, delivery and other processes. We have had a customer satisfaction rate of 99% in the past year. That is why ARKU always strives for nothing less than excellence.

ISO 9001 fosters process optimization, providing a better view to all ARKU employees of the internal processes. This is a critical stage when an organization is growing. Each single person should know about the process chain and give his or her ideas for continuous improvement. Chad Ellis, Supervisor of the ARKU Leveling and Deburring Center, says: ”Since the implementation of our ISO certification here in Cincinnati, we have implemented numerous processes to improve quality and simultaneously get the material back to our customers quicker. As our leveling center continues to grow, it is hard to imagine how we would survive without these processes. Trust in this system gives us the confidence in our production environment and encourages us to continue making our processes leaner based on both employee and customer feedback. In today’s hectic business environment, ISO is a no brainer for any company in our industry. Just a simple idea which simplifies life – for us and of course for our customers as this was and is our final target.”

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