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5 Axis Thursday: SNK 5 axis profilers for Aerospace machining

SNK HPS SERIES 5-AXIS PROFILERS are especially designed for today’s demanding aerospace component manufacturer. From complex aluminum AIRFRAME ASSEMBLIES to critical titanium and other HARD METAL COMPONENTS SNK offers an HPS model to help aerospace professionals not only produce parts with the HIGHEST DEGREE OF PRECISION but also with optimum efficiency for maximum profits and RETURN ON INVESTMENT. HPS 5-Axis Profilers incorporate proven SNK design and construction features that streamline complex 5-AXIS SIMULTANEOUS CONTOURING applications. Horizontal design enables chips to quickly drop from the cutting area. This eliminates accuracy-robbing heat build-up around the spindle. It also reduces recutting of chips thereby prolonging tool life. The TILTING TABLE DESIGN SIMPLIFIES WORKPIECE LOADING/UNLOADING. Twin table, 2-pallet APC models further boost productivity by allowing machining on Description These surprisingly compact 5-axis profilers are designed to stand up to the rigorous demands of medium to large sized aircraft components machining. Choose the model that meets your specific requirements-HPS B Series for high speed aluminum machining or the HPS A Series for titanium and other hard metal machining. Spindleheads provide high speed and power while generous A & C rotary axes allow for a wide range of 5-axis machining. The horizontal design allows for unrivaled chip evacuation and promotes longer tool life. Tilting table enables highly efficient machining and simplifies loading and unloading Twin table, 2-pallet APC models further boost productivity by allowing machining on one zone while the other is being re-fixtured with work.


Optimized axis-feed machine structure

-makes high feedrates possible

Features two wider-range rotary axes(A-axis: +/- 90⁰, C-axis: continuous rotation)

-allows for diverse 3D contour machining and reduces rewinding time

Automatic Pallet Changer (option)

-minimizes machine stop time contributing to enhanced productivity

Tilting Table Mechanism

-chip removal efficiency is increased in the upright position

Fully enclosed splash guard

-provides clean environment and ensures worker safety

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