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The Affordable Trap: Why the Right Solution May Cost More Than You Think

I saw an advertisement rece “The Affordable Trap: Why the Right Solution May Cost More Than You Think” In the modern manufacturing landscape, the labor problem is a pressing issue. With businesses striving to increase shop productivity and reduce costs, the allure of affordable machinery is hard to resist. But can these budget-friendly machines actually […]

IMTS finding leads and finding solutions

Would it be possible to discuss all the reasons why we thought IMTS 2022 would fail? 1. Since its cancellation in 2020, has it been doomed to fail? 2. What is the likelihood that Chicago’s crime will make it a bust? 3. As there is a worker shortage and people couldn’t leave the shop, would […]

Labor Day

As Labor Day nears, our businesses are unable to find enough labor. Every day, quality employees are harder to find, so we must celebrate those we have and the achievements they have helped us reach. Furthermore, we should look for new and innovative ways to improve our labor force’s working conditions with new equipment that […]

Connecting the Dots of the Labor Shortage

As everyone is aware, the labor shortage is a topic of concern in every industry, but certainly in Manufacturing.  How do we make a difference? What can we do to change it? How can it be improved? One of Steve Jobs’ quotes is, “You cannot connect the dots by looking forward, you can only connect […]

The World wants a Man with Ideas

The World makes way for a man with an idea- Orison Sweet Martin According to the rest of the statement, “the world is looking, as never before, for the man with an original force, who leaves the beaten track and pushes into new fields.