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AJ Schweda

For over two decades, A.J. Schweda has been honing his knowledge within the industrial machine and tool industry to ensure the greatest success for you, your machine tool needs, and your customers. As a sales and machine tool professional, A.J. has learned the finest ways to provide for your machining and customer service needs. With partner, Josh Witt, A.J. formed Premier Machine Tool Midwest in October, 2011; a full-service consulting and distribution company. If you are strictly interested in price, you will inevitably be missing the true value offered by A.J. as your trusted “partner”.

A.J.’s focus is on efficiency and profitability for you and your company. A satisfied customer once stated they “…would only buy from A.J. Schweda and if anyone didn’t do the same, they would be making a huge mistake.” Schweda is widely known by Fortune 500 companies and small, local businesses alike as the ‘Solution Provider’ for his personal care, strategic problem mind set, professional connections, and knowledge of the industry.

Vested in the community, A.J. participates in teaching the next generation about the metalworking industry. He has visited multiple technical colleges, high schools, and universities teaching and promoting the importance of the machining industry to our local economy and future machining professionals. A.J. has also worked with the National Tooling and Machining Association and the Wisconsin Tool & Die Association to further educate industry professionals on the trade of machining.

In his spare time, A.J. enjoys racing sailboats called scows. He has been doing so since 1977 in Wisconsin, Florida, Texas, Colorado, and California. He currently resides in Hartland, Wisconsin with his wife and two sons. He looks forward to helping you and your company your machine tool needs.