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YES, Hwacheon does have an integrated Multi Axis Turning Center – Check out the T2

Hwacheon T2- Integrated Multi Axis Turning Center

Process-Integrated Multi Axis Turning Center

T2 can handle a variety of complex processes, from turning to milling in one setting. With optional available second main spindle, optional two longitudinal turrets and Y-axis, the T2-series turning center can be specifically configured in 8 different combinations. The T2-series turning center will reduce your down time and increase your machining efficiency drastically make your work precise and productive.

T2 incorporates the new symmetry “Box-on-Box” module design to eliminate thermal extensions and to limit thermal displacement to a workpiece. The highly rigid main spindle, turret with integrated motors to minimize vibration, noise and power loss and to ensure best process performance. The secondary spindle and turret provide same performance and specifications as the primary units, To achieve best and most stable operations all guide-ways using Linear Roller guides. The added Y-axis and the powerful milling capability allow for process integrated machining with a relatively small footprint at highest flexibility.

New Heat-Symmetrical Structure

The new heat-symmetrical structure and the box-on-box structure translate to machine stability and rigidity. T2 series of turning centers deliver high-performance machining by performing high-speed machining and roughing simultaneously. The 45-degree bed angle and the perfect vibration absorption structure provide stability in all processing situations.

Class-Leading Dual Opposing Spindles

The dual opposing spindles in T2 series completely eliminate vibration and noise and minimize power loss in the spindles. The oil jacket cooling system is equipped as standard to limit thermal displacement. The primary and the secondary spindles are driven by two equally powered motors for more accurate control of the C-axis.

Click here for a quick video on this amazing machine

If your parts are Blades, Tool holders, Automotive, semiconductors including values or any other parts that need integrated multi axis machines- look to Hwacheon T2 for your solution.

Hwachoen T2 has a User-Friendly Design, and a Wide Range Of Optional Features.

T2 is designed with the end user in mind. Its user-friendly machine design and a variety of supplementary features made for stronger, faster and more precise machining performances.

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