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“Year in Review”- The Largest Vertical Tilt Frame Band Saw in the world from Marvel

The most accurate band saws ever have now become even more accurate with the new “Precise Positioning Technology” with Positioning accuracy of +/- .005” per index. Vertical Tilt-Frame Band Saw 800M – Semi-automatic, heavy-duty, hydraulic, metal cutting, high-speed band saw. Capacity 31.25″ x 37.5″ from Marvel

Watch the video on the this great saw offered from Marvel (Click here)


Capacity 31.25” x 37.5” with 2” Blade

Touch Screen Control

Speed Range 60-400 Fpm

Hydraulically Controlled blade tension

Automatic sensor for jammed blade protection


       Capacity                                                                   Rectangles                                                       Rounds

   Nominal                                               31.25″ x 37.5″ (794 mm x 952 mm)                      31.25″ (794 mm)

   Blade at 45 o – Right                             31.25″ x 25.5″ (794 mm x 648 mm)                   25.5″ (648 mm)

   Blade at 45 o – Left                               31.25″ x 24.75″ (794 mm x 629 mm)                  24.75″ (629 mm)

   Blade at 60 o – Right                               31.25″ x 17.5.” (794 mm x 444 mm)                 17.5″ (444 mm)

   Blade at 60 o – Left                               31.25″ x 16″ (794 mm x 406 mm)                       16″ (406 mm)

   Blade Drive: Electric with sensorless vector control for smooth acceleration and full torque.

   Speed Range: Infinitely variable:60 to 400 FPM (18.3 to 122 m/min), 15 HP Standard. Blade speed can be automatically set when material is selected.

   Tilting Column: For miter cutting up to 60o left and right of vertical. Hydraulically powered cam link design includes built-in protractor. Angles are set using the touch screen control.

   Touch Screen Control: Blade speed, feed pressure and angles are selected using the convenient, operator friendly touch screen control.

   3° Canted Column: Standard 3-degree forward approach angle, for increased efficiency in cutting of structural materials.

   Feed Force: Direct Force Sensing Electric Ball Screw Feed 0 – 350 lbs. (1560 N); column travels on recirculating linear ball ways. Feed pressure can be automatically set when material is selected. Also includes Jammed Blade Protection that senses resistance as the column returns and stops to prevent blade damage.

   Jammed Blade Protection: Automatically senses resistance as the column returns and stops to prevent blade damage.

   Blade: 25’ (7620 mm) long x 2″ (51 mm) wide, .063″ (1.6 mm). One Welded-Edge Band is furnished with each machine as part of standard start-up supplies.

   Blade Guides: Rotating Easy Load Combination Carbide and Ball Bearing Roller guides with self tensioning design.

   Blade Tension: Hydraulically controlled, 32,000 psi. max. Machine equipped with automatic blade break/blade stall shut-off switch.          

   Upper Blade Guide Arm: Hydraulically positioned and locking, controlled by selector switch at operator’s station.

   Vises: Hydraulic, full stroking with 12” high x 20” wide 60o faceplates. Optional variable vise pressure available (Option Code M9A) as well as an optional second machine vise (Option Code M4).

   Coolant System: Built-in with Flood system, Drop Lubrication system available (Requires compressed air connection) (Option Code ML1 & ML2), including manual hand crank type chip conveyor.

   Work-Rest Rollers: Two turned ball bearing rollers, one on each side of the machine bed.

   Flushing Hose: Washes away chips from hard-to-get-at places, reducing clean-up time.

   Standard Machine Color: Machine Tool Gray.

   Standard Left-to-Right Work Entry.


   Main Drive: 15 H.P., 1800 RPM, totally enclosed, fan cooled, ball bearing.                

   Coolant Pump: 1/2 H.P. (.37 kW), I.P. 54 Rating, totally enclosed motor built-in integrally.

   Hydraulic Pump: 5 H.P. (3.7 kW), 1800 RPM, totally enclosed fan cooled, ball bearing, system pressure 900 psi..

   Controls: IEC fused disconnect switch and magnetic motor starters with overload and low-voltage protection. Power supply provides low voltage (24 volts DC) control to all push buttons at operator’s control panel and machine lighting circuits. PLC control and drives mounted in moisture tight compartment with vibration isolation mountings.

   Notice: This quotation is based on the assumption that the end user’s electrical power supply conforms to National Electrical Code NFPA No. 79-1997, paragraph 5.7, at the machine terminals. A copy of this paragraph is available upon request.

Warning: Failure of the end user’s electrical supply to conform to the above standard can hinder machine performance and may require the addition of extra cost components not included with the standard machine. Repair and replacement of components damaged as a result of an inadequate power supply are not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

   Standard Machine Color: Machine Tool Gray

Start-up Supplies included with each machine:

   Hydraulic Oil: 10 gallons (38 liters) in machine.

   Cutting Fluid: 2 gallons (8 liters) soluble oil.

   Bandsaw Blades:One (1) Welded-Edge Blade.

Manufacturer’s Technical Data: Two (2) sets consisting of parts list, operating and maintenance instructions, installation plan, wiring, elementary electric and hydraulic diagrams, and electrical and hydraulic component list.


Capacity Nominal             31.25″ x 37.5″ (794 mm x 952 mm)                          

Capacity 45° Right            31.25″ x 25.5″ (794 mm x 648 mm)                        

Capacity 45° Left              31.25″ x 24.75″ (794 mm x 629 mm)                       

Capacity 60° Right            31.25″ x 17.5.” (508 mm x 444 mm)                        

Capacity 60° Left              31.25″ x 16″ (508 mm x 406 mm)                             

Speed Range      60 to 400 FPM (18.3 to 122 m/min)                         

Feed Force          0 – 350 lbs. (1560 N)                      

Blade Size            25’ long x 2″ wide, .063″ (7260mm x 51mm x 1.6m)                         

Blade Tension    32,000 psi. max.                               

Main Drive          15 H.P., 1800 RPM                          

Coolant Pump    1/2 H.P. (.37 kW)                             

Hydraulic Pump                5 H.P. (3.7 kW)                 

Hydraulic Oil      10 gallons (38 liters)                       

Cutting Fluid       2 gallons (8 liters)

Learn more from Premier Machine Tool Midwest who is a proud partner of Marvel Saws. Sales 414-254-5150 / info@pmtmidwest.com