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Want more PROFIT…….. in your Stamping and Fabrication Business?


Want more profit in your stamping and Fabrication business?

We are very glad to have this opportunity to speak with you again about the Eagle Fiber Laser. We have spoken before about acceleration and some are still asking how does that benefit me is this better than my current machine? Well let’s have a quick chat about how awesome productivity turns into ultimately profitability for your shop.

The advantages of 6G acceleration when packaged with 15kW power will now give you the ultimate laser experience.

In today’s premier post minute – here is exactly how it benefits you and your business.

Eagle Fiber Laser was the first to deliver 15kW machine to the US and more specifically to Wisconsin. These machines will have the ability for 100,000 hours of operations with little maintenance.

The Big Three Benefits:

1.            With the power and acceleration, you will be slashing cycle times

2.            With the highest power, it means faster cutting and ability to cut thicker parts.. faster.

3.            Less maintenance- more running hours and more production

With these 3 benefits you will experience – More productivity and more profit!

We look forward to you becoming one of our customers.

Why don’t you start with calling or texting me the word “power” and we will let you know how we get your own Eagle Fiber Laser machine.

Let’s start with a test cut that will prove the Eagle Laser is the leading machine to advance your stamping/fabrication business.

Have a great day and stay safe and lets hope we emerge from the stay at homes soon.

Contact us at Premier Machine Tool Midwest: Sales 414-254-5150 info@pmtmidwest.com