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Vertical duo for demanding applications

vertival duo

Emco Maier VT 160 and VT 250 with right and left machine as a Duo cell. The machine concept of vertical pick-up machines as a modular system meets manufacturing companies’ requirements for more quality, while simultaneously maintaining high flexibility and reducing cost. The right-hand and left-hand versions of the VT 160 and VT 250, and three basic conveyor versions – in oval, meander, and crossover meander designs – give operators a complete machining solution for workpieces with diameters of up to 250 mm, a workpiece weight of 8 kg, and a workpiece height of 150 mm with 30 workpieces (oval) or 50 workpieces (meander). The integration of a cross-over allows the use of different pallets or different workpieces.

The VT 160 and VT 250 “Duo” solutions give the user decisive system and technology advantages. Both final machining of a workpiece (2 face machining with the OP 10 and OP 20) and the production of two different workpieces is possible (part A on machine 1, part B on machine 2). Thus the automation solution supports a variety of customer-specific solutions – with or without a workpiece carrier (or pallet), the implementation as a Duo cell is compact and space-saving, and it offers unrestricted access for charging and discharging.
Multiple machine operation and short set-up and retooling times reduce waits. Optimized production processes and short chip to chip times create ideal conditions for complete machining with high quality and efficiency.

The machines both fulfil stringent user requirements – e.g., thanks to the steel-welded construction of the rigid, vibration-damping machine bed. This also applies to the thermo-symmetrical construction of the headstock. Excellent rigidity is also ensured by the large distances between the guideways of the carriage system and the size 45 linear carriage.

The digitally controlled synchronous motor on main spindle offers sufficient reserves, even for heavy-duty machining, with maximum outputs of 29 (VT 250) and 21 (VT 160) kW power, speeds of 5000 rpm or 7000 rpm and 280/150 Nm of torque. Directly driven ball screws of Ø 40 mm with lash and maintenance free claw couplings achieve speeds up to 60 m/min.

The traverse strokes for the VT 160 are X = 620, Y =  65 mm, Z = 310 mm, and for the VT 250 520 /  90 / 310 mm. To prevent the Z axis dropping in case of a power failure, it features mechanical weight compensation.

Both the inner and the outer machine panels are designed for low maintenance. The stainless steel covers and strippers do without telescopes; guideways and seals are protected against flying swarf. The fully enclosed fairing allow for economically and ecologically meaningful extraction, as the machine door stays closed even when picking up the workpiece. And for all of these functions, the Vertical Duo VT 160 and VT 250 in the meander version with a crossover and turner need a footprint of just 21 m2.

With the VT 250 and 160, the user can opt for different versions and additional options – see the version descriptions for details. Beyond the basic version without a Y-axis, the version with the moving turret axis and driven tools leverages the benefits of complete machining. A multi-function platen is optionally available. It can accommodate additional fixed or driven tools. This also applies to long drills and piercing tools. Also optionally, operators can add a linear measuring system, process monitoring and electronic evaluation to their VT 250/160.

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