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Hello, it’s A.J. Schweda
here from Premier Machine Tool Midwest.

I recently found myself basking in the beauty of Florida, a place that’s become a symbol of change for many.

This experience underscored to me the profound impact of change in our lives.

Numerous individuals have transitioned from states like New York and others on the East Coast,
in pursuit of policies that better align with their needs, and have found their retreat in Florida.

This quest for improved circumstances and environments isn’t confined to our personal lives, it extends into our professional lives as well.

Now, imagine this – you’re in the machine tool industry, and you’re weary of large distributors
demanding weekly sales forecasts,
exhaustive minute-by-minute reports of your day,
rigid work schedules,
and unrelenting sales pressure that hinders the development of lifelong customer relationships.

You’re also yearning for a change of scenery,
a chance to work in the vibrant, welcoming state of Wisconsin.
If this resonates with you, then it’s time for a shift.
It’s time to consider Premier Machine Tool Midwest.

At Premier, we champion a unique approach.
We believe in empowering our salespeople, providing them with the necessary resources and autonomy to excel in what they do best – sell.

We prioritize partnership, support, and an unwavering commitment to your success.

So, if you’re a machine tool salesman yearning for a superior experience,
a more conducive environment,
and the opportunity to work in Wisconsin,
I invite you to explore the possibility of joining our team.

Premier Machine Tool Midwest isn’t merely a company,
it’s a community, and we’re in search of individuals like you.
Why delay? Embrace the change. Apply for a position with Premier Machine Tool Midwest today.

So, just as many have found their haven in Florida, we invite you to find your professional haven with us at Premier Machine Tool Midwest in Wisconsin.

Let’s embrace the change together.
Contact us today to start your journey with Premier.

This is A.J. Schweda, Co-owner of Premier, signing off.
Take care, everyone.