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SORALUCE PM portal moving table milling machine

   Advanced SORALUCE technology geared towards maximizing productivity, precision and customization: DAS system, Modular Quill, Vertica Ram       Balance, Accura Heads, SSV and Adaptive Control.

   SORALUCE head technology: a highly reliable, extensive range of SORALUCE quills and heads

   Automatic head and tool changing systems

   SORALUCE Digital, Data System: a comprehensive monitoring package with continuous information of machine and process status

   Precise and efficient machining results

   Excellent dynamics thanks to the rapid travel of the axes

   High power and torque for high performance machining

   Improved stability to enable high stock removal for prismatic components in a single set-up belonging to the mechanical engineering, energy and capital goods industries

   One or two operator’s platforms with their respective control panels, thus allowing the best location of the operator in each operation

   Total machine concept design: a complete working area analyzed for optimal comfort, safety and ergonomics (maintenance spots, operator area)

Learn more about ALL THAT Soraluce has to offer from your exclusive dealer for Wisconsin and UP of Michigan – Premier Machine Tool Midwest Sales 414-254-5150 / info@pmtmidwest. com

A Positive Customer Experience

How many times have you visited a store for customer service and received customer hell? Have you ever had an experience with a car rental company? How about a contractor? What about …. I am afraid to say it? Airline companies.

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