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Niigata’s ATC Intelligent Tool Queue- Its is simply awesome


Applications: Niigata’s ATC Intelligent Tool Queue

Machine: Niigata’s Select SPN Models equipped with FANUC 30i Controls or Later.

Feature: Intelligent Tool Queue for quick-cycle tools yields Faster Production and Higher Output.


Scope: With Niigata’s Tool IQ function, tools are efficiently staged in the background during machining, awaiting the next tool call-up. How it works. Specialized eight digit T-Codes are strategically placed into part programs to reduce hold-ups and bottle necks in machining cycle times. With Niigata’s Tool IQ function, the software searches ahead while simultaneously advancing the tools, and transfers the next tool into position. Advantage: Faster cycle-times means more finished parts before the end of the day. Whether your machines run long or short cycle-times, both parts benefit by reducing the time between quick-cycle tools. Seconds and even minutes can be shaved off from long wait times of next tool preparation and staging. SNK America has proven and demonstrated the Tool IQ function at their in-house Tech Center. With the feature, cycle-time is decreased 49 seconds, nearly a 20% reduction in cycle-time on the test part. Niigata’s Tool IQ feature comes with a simple and comprehensible “Simple Recovery” procedure in the event of a power failure or catastrophic event. Niigata provides simple to follow and easy to read instructions on how to recover quickly to get your machine back into motion.

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