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Niigata Horizontal machining center automation cells

Applications Write-Up: Cells & Systems:

Machine: All Niigata Machining Centers Feature: Niigata LPM & APC Systems Scope: Tying it all together Advantage: Niigata machining centers are well known as heavy duty and highly reliable work-horses due to their robustly engineered design and metal removal capabilities. As a direct result of their legendary rigid boxed ways and high production linear roller guides, Niigata offers a variety of machines with unmatched machining accuracy and longevity. However, one of Niigata’s well-kept secrets can provide a single answer to tie it all together.

Niigata’s solution is its own single source Cell System. Structured as a Linear Pallet System controlled by our I C C (Intelligent Cell Controller) or a Pallet Pool, called Automatic Pallet Systems. These systems are excellent options that keep spindle utilization up to maximize machine efficiency. Each Cell is intuitively scheduled to transfer pallets and part programs from stockers or idle positions to machining centers down the line to create a fully-automated machining cell. Parts, programs, and fixtures can be stored, scheduled, prioritized, and routed from a Windows 7 Based PC for hours of lights-out unmanned production.

Many customers look for a single machine to do it all; from roughing to finishing. In some cases it is applicable but costly, and other cases it makes sense to have the right tools for the right job. The all-in-one machining center is great in theory, but there is quite a bit of give and take. By integrating the correct application based machines into a cell with ancillary processes to output finished product will often have the best result. This is especially true when the production requirement is low volume and high mix output, meaning that there are any different part variations requiring frequent changeover of fixtures and tooling.

The Niigata Cell System can handle an array of configurations depending on customer needs. Both single-level rail guided systems up to 50 pallet stockers, and stacker crane systems up to 200 pallet stockers are available, with a maximum of 20 machines in the cell. Multiple loading stations are available and are customizable to each customer requirements. If additional space if made available, Niigata’s systems are field expandable and can be retrofit to accommodate additional machines, pallet stockers, and external devices such as wash stations, robotic deburring and gauge stations. These systems as a whole are also retrofit in the field to standalone machines making them completely flexible to the customers’ needs today and into the future. Scheduling can be set on the Cell Controller display for hot jobs or standard production.

Optional features such as Niigata’s NM24 monitoring system, integrated tool chip readers and part tracking and serialization further enhance capability for unattended operation. Niigata’s Automated Cells & Systems are as highly reputed and reliable as their machining centers. Their ease of operation and dependability enhance customer productivity and satisfaction.

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