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More popular: Dillinger or Grob machines?


Many people have several questions about the awesome Grob 5 axis machines:

Questions like: What do you mean the spindle is horizontal? How can you machine with the table upside down?

And many more but one of the most popular questions is Where is the machine made?

In today’s premier post minute – we want to cover that question of where they build the best 5 axis machines from Grob?

Since being founded in the 1980s, GROB Systems Inc. in the USA has played a key role in the GROB production network. Some 560 employees and a production area of 38,000 square foot makes our USA plant the ideal point of contact for the automotive industry in North America, Mexico and Canada. In addition to universal machining centers, it produces primarily system machines, assembly lines and equipment in accordance with German quality standards.

As in other plants, many second-generation employees work in Bluffton and contribute, thanks to a training system that lives up to German standards, to the overall success of the GROB Group.

The continuous further development of in-house products and an expanded range of services guarantee our American GROB plant sustained growth and the best prospects for the future.

The G350 5-axis universal machining center build in Ohio, offers all customers in the machining sector almost limitless possibilities for milling parts made of the most diverse materials.

Our universal machining center is designed to meet the multiple requirements of various sectors and offers a convincing range of applications.

We look forward to you becoming one of our customers. Please start by emailing or texting me the word “Dillinger” and we will get more exciting information on Grob machines.

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