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Medical Screws are NO PROBLEM to manufacture fast on the INDEX Traub TNL20 CNC Lathe

Hey Wisconsin Medical Customers, you should look at the Index Traub TNL20 for Manufacturing Medical Screws

The new sliding/fixed headstock automatic lathe TRAUB TNL20 offers users even more productivity, precision, and automation to the TNL line. It can be equipped to use up to four tools simultaneously. An optional robot cell integrated in the machine is available for automated loading of blank shafts or preformed workpieces. The machine will be of interest to the connector and medical manufacturing users.

(Watch Medical Screw Machining video)

The TNL20 comes in two versions:

   The TNL20-9, which has nine linear axes, two turrets (each with 8 stations, max. 12,000 rpm, 2.0 kW), a back working attachment (4 stations), and an autonomous counter spindle. The TNL20-9 can deploy three tools simultaneously, resulting in increased productivity.

   The TNL20-11 is equipped with an additional front working attachment (6 stations, 3 of which are live, max. 12,500 rpm, 2.0 kW) on an autonomous X/Z slide. Through interpolation of the H indexing axis of the front working attachment with the X-axis of the autonomous compound slide, Y machining operations or tool offsets can also be easily performed with the front working attachment on the main spindle. At this equipment level, it is also possible to produce with up to four tools simultaneously to reduce machining times.

Powerful work spindles

Main and counter spindles (max. 10,000 rpm, 5.5 kW, 17.2 Nm) of the TNL20 are identical and designed as the liquid-cooled module motor spindles.

The work spindle includes a clearance in the draw tube of 29 mm, allowing the use of a standing reduction tube for bar stock diameters up to 20 mm. This ensures excellent guide quality that supports the precision of the machined part. The guide bushings used in the TNL20 in sliding headstock operation are identical with those of its predecessor machine, the TNL18. The lathe can be converted in just a few minutes from fixed headstock to sliding headstock turning.

Extensive tool complement

With its additional front working attachment, the TNL20-11 has a second upper tool carrier with six stations. Three tool positions are live, one is equipped with a double holder. The front working attachment has an autonomous compound slide in Z and X, as well as an NC swivel axis. By its interpolation with the X-axis, a Y-axis function can be implemented. This way, the user can adjust his tool to the spindle center by a position offset, helpful for deep-hole drilling.

The back working attachment, which can be added both to the TNL20-9 and the TNL20-11, has been completely redesigned and positioned on the lower turret and includes four tool mountings arranged to avoid interference with other tools during machining. It is easily accessible during machining.

The axes of the lower turret can be coupled with the back working attachment and counter spindle, so that the back working attachment can be used for independent machining. This also contributes to an increase in productivity.

Turn/Mill | TRAUB TNL32-11 | INDEX TRAUBWhile working simultaneously on the main spindle with the two turrets and the front working attachment, the counter spindle can be active at the same time with the back working attachment, so the TNL20-11 can deploy four tools simultaneously and the TNL20-9 three tools at one time.

In all, the TNL20-11 provides a total 26 tool stations. With the use of double and triple holders in the generously designed turrets, users can easily deploy up to 58 tools. The large tool pool allows the machining of complex workpieces and machining of entire part families without tool changes or major setup effort.

Parts handling and automation options

Small parts can be easily and quickly flushed through a tube inserted in the indexing axis of the lower tool carrier onto a conveyor belt on the right of the machine and carried away.

For larger workpieces, an optional two-axis gantry unit moves into the work area with a linear Z-axis and then swings in front of the counter spindle. After the gripper has grabbed the part, the axis retracts. The workpieces are deposited individually.

Long workpieces can be discharged through the counter spindle up to a length of 700 mm.

To assist unattended machining of blank shafts or preformed blanks, a robot cell is integrated into the front of the machine. The robot cell and TNL20 are designed as a unit, and delivered as such.

Consisting of an articulated arm and a vertical pallet storage device with 28 slots, this automation solution allows the user to feed the sliding/fixed headstock automatic lathe with parts that are larger than 20 mm in diameter and can unload and store workpieces produced from bar stock in the pallet storage device.

In addition, the robot cell is prepared for integrating a 3D measuring device and other additional process steps, such as deburring, is possible as well. For machine setup, the user releases a lock and slides the cell to the left, which then allows unrestricted access to the machine.

Learn more from your exclusive Index Traub Dealer for Wisconsin and UP of Michigan – Premier Machine Tool Midwest Sales 414-254-5150 / info@pmtmidwest.com

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