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Introducing 5 AXIS Horizontal Machining Center

5axisIntroducing the Niigata HN50E-5X/63E-5X 5-Axis Horizontal Machining Centers. The split-motion design insures that you’ll get the most for your 5-Axis dollar because there is less wasted motion and greater geometric tool access to the workpiece.

Niigata’s “Advanced 5-Axis Controller” reduces cycle time while improving surface finish on complex 3-D profiles like impellers, turbocharger and supercharger spools, turbine blade segments, boring heads used in mining and many other applications. Get more multi-sided machining done in less time with the high-rigidity.


■ Standard 35 HP 6,000 RPM and optional 8,000 RPM and 12,000 RPM spindles make quick work of the toughest materials.

■ Standard 62 tool capacity can be expanded to 88 tools to provide continued resident tool capability as your needs grow.

■ Simultaneous 5-Axis contouring with Niigata Advanced Controller

■ 3-D Interference Warning – Standard

■ Large work envelope with up to 2,200 lb. workpiece capacity

■ Faster 5-axis rapid movement