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Hwacheon High Speed VMC for Graphite

Hwacheon Machinery America, Inc.’s new Hi-M G1 vertical machining center (VMC) is specially designed to cut graphite. Its quick and precise performance makes it suitable for dry cutting graphite electrode material used in aluminum die-cast work. The rigid yet compact structure, with a design based on 3D/FEM analysis and wide LM guides for X/Y/Z axes, provide accuracy.

For high-speed operation, the 24,000 RPM spindle is integrated with a high power motor, and without any parts to transfer power between the motor and spindle. This design minimizes vibration, noise and power loss during high-speed rotation. In addition, a bearing grease lubrication system and synchronous temperature control decreases the influence of external temperature variation and improves smoothness.

The Hi-M G1 is engineered with a dustproof/waterproof spindle and an advanced dust reduction system. This system includes a sealed roof design that collects the fine dust generated during the machine process. A dustproof air curtain system prevents dust inflow into each axis. Included as standard, the dust collector operates with 5 HP air volume. The design of the Hi-M G1 door enables convenient cleaning.

“The user-friendly Hi-M G1 includes a Siemens-828D controller,” said a company spokesperson. “It provides flexible, interactive programming, as well as controls that enable high productivity.”

Hi-M G1 specifications include a spindle coolant system, an HSK-E40 spindle taper, a 29.52″ x 23.62″ table with an 881.84 lb. load capacity and a 16-tool ATC. The machine occupies just 83.26″ x 87.8″ of floor space and weighs 10,582 lbs. The dimensions of the dust collector are 38.18″ x 38.18″.

Other applications of the Hi-M G1 include high precision graphite automotive parts machining.

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