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Hwacheon Hi-Tech 200 CNC Lathe is Versatile and Efficient

The Hwacheon Hi-Tech 200 Horizontal Turning Center is a highly customized turning center with a fast indexing time of 0.15 secs and a federate of 30m/min and with many optional components. The Hi-Tech 200 is capable of handling the most demanding machining needs very efficiently.

Integrated, ultra-durable bed

Hi-TECH 200 has an integrated bed frame to minimize heat distortion, and the precision-polished wide guide surface and the ultra-durable bed absorb the vibration sufficiently, to assure high degree of cutting precision. All guide surfaces are rectangular and incorporate tack guide to maintain rigidity and accuracy in prolonged operation.


The Spindles to fit your application

Choose the right spindle per your workpiece and application. Hi-TECH 200A Bar size : Ø51(2”) Chuck : 8” Hi-TECH 200B Bar size : Ø64(2.5”) Chuck : 10” Hi-TECH 200C Bar size : Ø76 (3”) Chcuk : 10”


C-axis unit

The C-axis allows for milling operation after turning. It’s a separate high-performance gearbox unit with a servo motor, and the unit has the minimum feed increment of 0.001 degree, and the rapid feedrate of 45 rpm.


Quick indexing turret

Servo-type turret Number of tool stations: 12 (10 for 200C) Tool size: □ 25 ×Ø40 Turret indexing time (1 face): 0.15 secs Turret clamping force: 4,300 Kgf


Learn more today about the versatile Hwacheon Hi-Tech 200 CNC Lathe and all the other great products from Hwacheon.

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