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How do your operators feel about their production machine? They would have no complaints about the Index C100/C200 as it is trimmed for production.

INDEX C100 / C200 with iXcenter – Trimmed for productivity

The production lathes INDEX C100 and C200 with their two or three turrets with Y-axis stand for maximum efficiency in the complete machining of complex rod turning parts. Of particular importance is the guide system INDEX SingleSlide, which guarantees a very high dynamic with optimal vibration damping. With automation solutions such as the robot cell iXcenter, further advantages can be realized.

The automatic lathes INDEX C100 (spindle passage 42 mm) and C200 (spindle passage 65 / 90 mm) are consistently trimmed for productivity. With their two or three turrets, the two machines are suitable for demanding simultaneous machining. The required power is provided by the main and counter spindles n. For high dynamics also the counter spindle, which reaches in the rush up to 60 or 50 m/min (C100 / C200) . The fast turret circuit also contributes to short chip-to-chip times.   Due to the possibility of using two Y-axis on the main spindle or one each on the main and counter spindles, complex workflows can be optimally divided, and the unit times can be further reduced.   In the INDEX production lathes C100 and C200, optionally up to three turrets with 10 or 14 stations are integrated, whereby a wide part spectrum can be processed. The patented INDEX W gearing of the turret helps   to realize short makeready times even with small batch sizes.

An essential distinguishing feature compared to conventional rotary gases is the INDEX SingleSlide, a sliding guide with two degrees of freedom in one flat. It consists of guide strips with wear- and friction-reducing coating as well as hardened and surface-treated guide plates. INDEX SingleSlide significantly improves the damping properties, resulting in further advantages such as up to 30 percent longer tool ingestion times and higher workpiece qualities.

The end-to-end cooling concept also ensures high production precision. Loss heat generated in the spindles, the hydraulic unit and the control cabinet is discharged from the machine via a central fluid circuit. The energy is bound in a single medium and not released to the environment of the machine. With an integrated water interface, INDEX offers two solutions for heat dissipation:   either the connection to a local cooling unit or to a central system. In this way, the machine can be adapted to the respective production environment in the best possible way.

INDEX also offers an option for the control technology used. The customer can choose between the FANUC CNC 31i-B with 15″ touch screen or Siemens S840D sl, which with 18.5″ touch screen serves as the basis for the INDEX control system iXpanel.   The latter serves, among other things, the complete integration into network structures and sets almost no limits to data communication.

In order to further optimize the real use of itsproduction lathes, INDEX offers automation solutions in various stages of expansion. These range from the integrated portal removal device, which ensures a fast and damage-free workpiece removal, to the robot cell iXcenter with vertical pallet memory, which supports fully automated operation. It is docked to the machine in order to then move raw and / or finished parts quickly, safely and flexibly to and from the machine. During the setup process, it can be easily moved to the right, allowing unhindered access to the working area. In production, the iXcenter is fixed in front of the machine work room. Then the 6-axis robot (6kg payload) is accessed into the work area via the work space door of the machine, which automatically opens behind the robot cell.

iXcenter contains a space-saving vertical memory with up to 22 pallets (600 x 400 mm) work stock. The pallets with raw parts are loaded by the robot at the top, pallets with parts at the bottom are removed. This can happen at any time without interrupting production. Also switched processes such as cleaning, measuring, deburring, etc. can be integrated into the robot cell.

The iXcenter, like other automation equipment, can optionally be integrated into various INDEX and TRAUB production machines.

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