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How do you measure all the lost manufacturing hours?


-What would it be worth to you if you could increase productivity by running light out with new automation ideas?

-How do you measure all the lost manufacturing hours you are currently losing?

On this episode of the Premier Post Minute, We want to introduce you to how System 3R can help minimize all those lost hours.

System 3R offer Automation Solutions that you can expand with your needs

System 3R offer automation solutions with industrial robots, both stationery and rail versions within the Die & Mold and Precision Production sector.

-Modern technology & smart technical solutions using standardized modules allow for cost-effective yet flexible Automation

   – User-friendly cell management software: complex Automation made easy!

   Everything from your single source supplier: System 3R

Achieve greater return on your investment!

BEGIN: Begin with a single machine and small magazine capacity.

ADD: Add a second machine and a rotary magazine for more capacity.

EXTEND: Place the Fanuc on rails and add magazine capacity to serve additional machines or start with a similar solution from the beginning.

Tailored to serve your needs

We would love to have you are one of our customers and System 3R is a profit partner you should know about.

We look forward to showing you the benefits they can bring to your business, text the words “lost hours” to me at 262-527-7462.  Here is a better idea….Let us set up a virtual meeting so you don’t even have to leave your shop!

Premier is your Solution Provider for all your Automation needs and we are very proud to work with System 3R and all the solutions they offer!

Learn more from your Automation Solution Providers and System 3R Dealer for Wisconsin and UP of Michigan – Premier Machine Tool Midwest Sales 414-254-5150 / info@pmtmidwest.com

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