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How do we help with your employee and productivity concerns during these uncertain times? The Index Multi Spindle is an amazing answer!

The INDEX MS22-8 multi-spindle automatic lathe with internal robotic part handling offers high-volume, lights-out manufacturing of precision parts. The robot further increases the performance of the already fast multi-spindle lathe, providing benefits in particular to applications featuring highly complex parts.

“The INDEX MS22-8 CNC multi-spindle automatic lathe excels in a wide variety of applications in industries ranging from automotive to medical technology,” said a company spokesperson. “It also produces small batches efficiently and economically. The versatile INDEX MS22-8 can be bar-fed or loaded with chucked parts.” Furthermore, depending on the characteristics of a particular component, the machine can be configured as an eight-spindle machine, a double four-spindle machine dropping two parts at a time or a machine with double rear-end machining.

The MS22-8 can accomplish turning, off-center drilling and thread cutting, inclined and cross drilling, milling, multi-edge turning, polygon turning, hobbing, tooth milling, deep-hole drilling and slotting. All standard toolholders and toolholder system interfaces can be used with a range of popular adapters, including Capto, HSK, VDI and INDEX systems.

Each spindle is assigned two cross slides that can travel both in the X- and Z-axes. Additionally, one cross slide per position can be equipped with a Y-axis for up to four positions. The cross slides feature an integrated drive and a low-mass design with hydrostatic bearing support. Their low moment of inertia and resulting high dynamics facilitate enhanced acceleration.

The cross slides incorporate hydrostatic sliding guides in the feed axis (Z), providing increased damping that prevents the transfer of the machining vibrations to the adjacent slide via the headstock. This helps to mitigate vibration and rattling while workpieces are being machined, even when diverse machining processes are being performed concurrently by the eight spindles. For example, one spindle can be used for heavy-duty roughing while high-precision finishing takes place on another spindle without sacrificing surface quality. The hydrostatic bearing is wear-free, with neither friction nor a stick-slip effect.

“The speed of the machine’s eight liquid-cooled spindles can be controlled independently, and the spindles are arranged in the proven INDEX spindle drum,” said the spokesperson. “The fluid-cooled spindle drum eliminates thermal growth, enables high power density within the drum and provides the capability for energy recovery from the heated cooling fluid. The system also keeps the spindle bearing temperature at a low level, prolonging service life and further enhancing stability.”

In double four-spindle mode, the MS22-8 runs as two machines in one, dropping two complete parts in each cycle. Every second tool station has simultaneous access to the same tools. When operated as an eight-spindle machine, the drum indexing angle from position to position is 45°. In double four-spindle mode, the drum indexing angle is 90°.

Two swiveling synchronous spindles permit double rear end machining. In this mode, there are six spindle positions available for front machining and two spindle positions for rear end machining, all cutting simultaneously. With this approach, it is possible to machine the rear end of a workpiece during two drum indexing cycles. Because all cross slides are located at the same travel angle to one another, free chip flow is guaranteed in each position. Additionally, the swiveling synchronous spindles are locked into the end positions by three-part Hirth couplings, providing a level of stiffness that enables high precision in bar diameters up to 24 mm.

The Hirth coupling also eliminates the need to electronically compensate at the end position. “The mechanical lock ensures optimal stiffness and increases the positioning accuracy. This allows accurate cutting of highly complex components that require complex cut-off side machining,” said the spokesperson. The swivel movement to the rear end position occurs in less than 0.3 seconds.

The MS22-8 features a front-opening design that offers the operator enhanced accessibility during set-up and tooling. Moreover, there is free chip flow down into the chip discharge chute.

To save space, the INDEX engineers placed the control cabinet on the machine. “This principle of integrating the control cabinet into the machine roof has been applied to INDEX multi-spindle machines for almost 15 years and has been very well received in the market,” said the spokesperson.

Workpieces are discharged damage-free from the work area and placed on pallets for later treatment. The MS22-8 can be equipped to include multiple optional handling solutions, including machine-integrated handling with an external stacking unit. This approach allows destruction-free removal of parts from the machine, including measuring operations for the workpieces if needed. Workpiece data can be fed back directly to the machine control so it can automatically correct its machining parameters.

All INDEX machine are designed to minimize energy consumption. To this end, the MS22-8 incorporates weight-optimized components to reduce energy consumption and increase dynamic response, regenerative drives for energy recovery and automatic shutdown of components that consume significant amounts of energy via a user-defined automatic standby mode. The machine design also minimizes friction via optimally paired materials and low-friction bearings. Intelligent cooling principles remove heat from the spindles, hydraulics and control cabinet and use a cold-water interface to transfer that heat for other uses.

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