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High-Speed Machining Center for Die/Mold Work

High-Speed Machining Center for Die/Mold Work that is changing the game!

Die Mold Work Hwacheon’s high-precision Sirius-UM three-axis machining center features a high-speed, 20,000-rpm spindle and is well-suited for complex die/mold machining. Along with its rigid roller linear guideways, the machine’s integral motor spindles with jacket cooling and oil-jet-cooled bearings provide stable performance over long cycles, the company says. Integrated with the motor, the spindle design limits vibration, noise and power loss at high-speed rotation. The machine features an 850 × 500-mm (33.46″ × 19.70″) worktable with a load capacity of 800 kg (1,764 lbs), XYZ strokes of 750 × 500 × 450 mm (29.53″ × 19.70″ × 17.72″) and rapid positioning of 24 m/min. The 40-taper tools (BBT and HSK optional) can be changed in 2.5 seconds. According to the company, the Z-axis, six-block LM guide improves feed performance and rigidity.

A bilateral gate structure distributes vibration, weight and heat throughout the entire frame, and finite element analysis design methods minimize any frame distortion caused by machining conditions or environment. Before final finish passes, the company’s Frame Displacement Control (HFDC) software dynamically compensates for changes in machine kinematics caused by temperature, vibration or changes in the tool, using thermal sensors mounted in the castings.

Software plays a key role in the machine’s operation, according to the company. The Tool Load Detection (HTLD) system measures tool load in real time, monitoring for damage and deterioration to promote accuracy and safety. The High-Efficiency Contour Control (HECC) software offers customizable programming with real-time monitoring and G-code compatibility for existing NC systems. For damage prevention and reduced machining time, the Optima cutting feed optimization routine uses an adaptive control method to regulate feed rate and sustain consistent cutting load during machining. The Spindle Displacement Control (HSDC) software promotes Z-axis accuracy, monitoring temperature at various points within the spindle assembly to predict thermal displacement.

Premier is proud to be the exclusive distributor for the entire Hwacheon line up for the state of Wisconsin and UP of Michigan.

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