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Have you ever watched a F1 race?


F1 cars race around the track like a finely tuned orchestra.

Have you ever watched an F1 racing, if you have not you should and second how do they keep those high performing cars on the track?

How much do you think one “did not finish” cost each team?

in today’s premier post minute – we wanted to let you in behind the scenes of f1 racing and how hexagon metrology is helping keep Aston Martin Red Bull Racing on the track.

Hexagon measurement keeps productivity on track

Just like the cars on the circuit, manufacturing operations at Aston Martin Red Bull Racing need to be fast. The typical car consists of around 7 500 parts and can undergo up to 30 000 design changes in a single F1 season. Whether validating the vehicle as it travels around the world or continuously improving it at the factory, the quality teams rely on dependable, high accuracy measurement and responsive support from Hexagon engineers to be race-ready.

For Aston Martin Red Bull Racing, the factory at Milton Keynes “remains the beating heart of the team”. The campus of 8 buildings encompasses the full lifecycle of the Formula One car, from the technical office where the design engineers and aerodynamicists simulate and perfect every element of design for the car, through to extensive manufacturing facilities, R&D labs and assembly teams to get the car on track. The lifeblood flowing through these processes is quality. “The car is a constantly evolving machine that we are always trying to learn from and optimise,” says Mike Hughes, Head of Quality Assurance and Manufacturing Engineering. “You can only do that if you understand your baseline and where you’re starting from, which relies on the data and information that we gather from inspection. The foundation of every engineering decision is based on information.

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