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Five Axis Thursday: Hwacheon M2-5AX – 5 axis Universal Machining Center

Hwacheon’s universal 5-axis center offers the total machining solution – everything from tool selection to final product. The Machining Optimization system configures itself to fit machining conditions and applications and provide the best product results. The 2-axis rotary table at ø500 enables the creation of a product either by 5-axis or 3+2 axis processing method. The M2-5AX is built from 3D FEM analysis, and its software components are specially created in-house by Hwacheon to increase the machine’s productivity and process speed.

Main Features

1.Integration of Multiplex Process (Hybrid MC)

               Advanced Tilting Rotary Table (MMK)

                Complex shape can be cut by 5-axes simultaneous control

2.High-Performance Spindle

                Various Spindle: 20,000rpm(Std.), 32,000rpm(Opt.)

Built-in Spindle Motor: 22/18.5kW (30/25HP)

                Oil-jet lubrication with Special Hi-Yun oil

3.High-Accuracy Axes

                Linear scale (X/Y/Z) & Rotary encoder (A/C): Std.

High-Rigid Roller LM guide for every axes

4.High-Rigidity Structure

                1 piece casting with Bed and Column Frame

Optimized Structure for Stable Moving

5.Unique Technology

           Hwacheon Original Function – Std.: HAI(600block)/HECC/HTLD/OPTIMA/HTDC(HFDC+HSDC) – Opt.: HAI(1000block)/HRCC

Hwacheon M2-5X – TOTAL SOLUTION FOR 5 axis universal Machining Centers.

For more information contact your exclusive Hwacheon distributor for the state of Wisconsin and UP of Michigan – Sales 414-254-5150 / info@pmtmidwest.com