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Emco-Mecof Milling machines- High Speed Large Capacity 5 Axis

emco mecofEmco-Mecof Milling machines- High Speed Large Capacity 5 Axis

Emco Group- Mecof has been one of the leading suppliers of multi-axis universal milling machines, both horizontal and vertical, for over 65 years. Founded in 1947, Mecof is now part of the Emco Group that offers an even wider range of milling and turning machines with complete turnkey solutions such as process and support, automation, and local support.

We are proud to introduce our latest high-speed, 5-axis milling machine, the Umill. With a 71″ by 85″ by 50″ vertical work envelope. The Umill can handle a variety of workpieces including molds, dies, gearboxes, up to 22,000 lbs.

The Umill is a rigid, fixed bridge machine with the moving crossrail as an axis; moving rotary table and contouring head on the crossrail slide. The standard 78HP, 12000 rpm, HSK100 spindle is capable of machining a variety of materials, plus there is also an option for an 65HP, 6000 rpm, high-torque spindle for roughing and hogging of harder metals.

In order to add further value, the Mecof design team designed the spindle with a 15 degree undercut capability, a very short tool swivel offset and, at the same time providing for a symmetric and orthogonal workzone and axes orientation.

Premier Machine Tool Midwest is proud to be the exclusive distributor of all the Emco Mecof Products for the state of Wisconsin and UP of Michigan.

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