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EMCO Hyperturn 200 Powermill

The merging of the milling expertise of EMCO MECOF with the turning skills of EMCO yields innovative results in performance and productivity with the new Hyperturn 200 Powermill which completes the Hyperturn range.

The new Hyperturn 200 Powermill high-performance milling-turning center from Emco provides a convincing performance profile for precision complete machining. The large work area enables the machining of work pieces up to 1,000 mm in turning diameter and for length the customer can select up to a max. 6,000 mm. The powerful main spindle is designed for heavy cutting with a max. torque of 6,410 Nm and 84 kW.

The imposing moving column of the Hyperturn 200 Powermill is built in a “Box-in-Box” Ram Construction, as with machines from EMCO MECOF, thus optimum rigidity and stability are ensured and machining with a high level of accuracy is feasible. The B-axis is equipped with a torque motor and integrated into the Ram design. The cross slides consist of a welded steel construction with high torsional and bending stiffness, a crucial factor for the quality of the turning and milling.

With this performance profile and workspace dimensions, the machine can process large, complex work pieces with a maximum work piece weight of 1,500 kg in the chuck and up to 6,000 kg between chuck and tailstock.

The EMCO Italy R&D team has succeeded in constructively implementing equivalent turning and milling units, as evidenced by the performance: turning spindle with 84 kW, 6,400 Nm torque, milling spindle with 80 kW at 700 Nm.

In the sense of the modular design, the machine can be equipped with two different milling spindles. The basic machine is equipped with a high torque milling spindle -430/630 NM- at 6,500 rpm, and optionally a high speed milling spindle (10,000 rpm / 230/340 nm) is available as an alternative, e.g. for the special machining of light metal alloys, aluminum, etc.

The robust and flexible tailstock can be expanded with a high-quality counter spindle with the same specifications as the main spindle.

The modular design principle is also reflected in the tools: the basic machine provides 50 positions at the front, 100 and 200 positions are also an option, available either with an HSK 100 or Capto C8 connector. Other customer-specific adjustments are in the number of NC steady rests that can be used, 5-axis simultaneous machining, automatic tool presets and work piece measurement sensors, a boring bar pick-up system, etc.

The HT 200 Powermill is equipped with a Siemens 840D sl including Shop-Turn, which is successfully used in the other models from the Hyperturn range. As an ideal supplement and option the customer can, in all phases of production, from the beginning to the finished product, use the EMCO CPS Pilot system for the 1: 1 virtual machine as well as 100% simulation of the machining with collision detection. The dimensions and the total space requirement of the machine are, given the size, optimally implemented: it is less than 3,100 mm deep, so almost no disassembly is required for transport.

The Hyperturn 200 Powermill is designed for general use, aerospace, shipbuilding, power engineering and the production of shafts for diesel engines.

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