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Customer H-E-L-P rather than Customer H-E-L-L

Customers want Help….let me say that again….Customers want help!….

A Friend of mine noted that most companies only go 3/4 of the way.

They give customers h-e-l rather than h-e-l-p.

You know the lines your hear like,

sorry but we don’t have a service tech that can make it over there today.

Or we not only do we not have your parts in stock but we don’t know where to get them to get your machine up and running.

Or the best one, it is not our company policy.

What are they thinking?

Have you found yourself in this customer hell cyclone when all you wanted was simply… Help.

We want to discuss how we sell to not only help but to fully provide you the positive outcome you desire and deserve.

Customers don’t want to fall into that typical customer hell trap that most companies put them in.

We have many examples of how our customers have realized that

we help them win and give them the positive outcome they desire.

which in the end helps make them more profitable.

So if you are sick and tired of getting treated to customer hell and want a new experience, we would love to have you as one of our customers.

Please call or text us the word “Hell or Help” and we will bring you up to a more positive experience.

Remember the difference between Help and Hell is only one letter but most of our competitors don’t understand this.

Cheers to a great week!

414-254-5150 / info@pmtmidwest.com