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Automation production is NOT complicated with System 3R Workshop Manager Software.

automation production
It is generally thought that automated production is complicated to introduce and that it can only be applied to long runs. It may be true when the robot grips the workpiece directly, but hardly when the workpiece is palletised.
The handling units in System 3R’s automation programs are all intended to move pallets between a magazine and predefined chucks in one or more machines. When you work with pallets, the preparations are the same whether you are producing 100 different parts or 100 parts of the same type.
When you have made the preparations for production in WorkShopManager, the operation of lifting the pallet into and out of the machine is not complicated at all.
WorkShopManager has been developed …
… to simplify the preparations for production in automatic cells
… to maximize production capacity… to create the greatest possible flexibility
… to ensure the security of the process.
WorkShopManager is equally useful for manual loading of pallets in a single machine as for automatic production in a seven-axis linear robot cell, since this software grows with the task. Start with a single machine on the lowest level and then upgrade as your business develops.
WorkShopManager secures the process
The core of the system is a central database. All clients, machines and automation devices are in constant contact with the database.
WorkShopManager links all machining processes together in a controllable and clearly-arranged production system. All machining data is available to the machines and can easily be transferred to the right machine at the right moment.
• User-friendly – necessary data are entered quickly and in a structured manner
• Quick, precise overview of the entire process chain
• Great flexibility – the order of priority can be changed at any time
• Simpler, safer preparation of automatic cells. Information about workpieces, magazine positions, offset values and NC programs is always available.
• The risk of errors due to the human factor is minimized
• Generates shorter lead times
• Increased process security
• Offers the possibility of automated one-piece production
The user-friendly procedure in WorkShopManager can be summarized in three stages: preparation, execution and monitoring.
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