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ARKU Precision leveler EcoMaster® – Leveling of delicate/filigree metal parts

For sheet metal parts with a thickness from 0.3 mm to 5 mm

The precision levelers of the EcoMaster® series deliver consistently high-quality leveling results, especially when working with smaller, more delicate sheet metal parts. Achieve better results in subsequent processes with flat and stress free parts. The EcoMaster® is user friendly and easy to maintain, ensuring efficient operation.

Application in the aerospace industry

The ARKU EcoMaster® aerospace design was specifically developed for leveling parts in the aerospace industry. The high-strength and light materials needs to be processed in a chilled state. Important machine components can corrode in levelers with a rudimentary design.

The affected components in the EcoMaster® are protected against corrosion. This allows the machine to deliver consistently good and reliable leveling results.

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