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ARKU- Enjoy “Stress-free” production with parts leveling

Parts leveling can’t free you from the stress caused by a missed shipping date. However, it CAN relieve your production frustrations caused by metal parts and components loaded with internal stresses though. These are released during welding, laser cutting, punching or bending.


Exceeding yield point key to stress relief

The FlatMaster servo-hydraulic parts leveler is uniquely designed for this purpose. It uses a series of closely-spaced, small-diameter rollers. The material is bent sharply through a wave-like path to stretch the metal past its yield point. After the initial sharp bend, the material is gradually returned to a flat state as it passes through the leveling rollers and exits the machine. Small-diameter rollers on a small pitch produce a sharper bend, ensuring the material is stretched past its yield point.


Excellent results easily achieved

The effect on material is quite different from a gantry hammer press, press brake, roll former, flame and hammer or any other leveling method. The FlatMaster is also fast, often giving the desired result on the first pass. And it doesn’t take an expert to achieve great results on the first pass.

It can take years for an operator to become an expert with a hammer press, and if that person leaves your company, it’s a real handicap. Even in the hands of an expert, a hammer press can’t stress-relieve your parts, though they might appear flat.


Parts leveling isn’t strip leveling


Most importantly, the FlatMaster is versatile because it’s “smart,” able to adjust its force instantly to compensate for the varying cross section of parts with large cutouts and perforations, or shapes such as triangles and circles. The mechanical leveler on a coil line is not designed to do this. The hydraulic leveler is also ideal for appearance critical parts required for medical, packaging machinery, food, beverage and scientific applications. There’s no marring, slag, or discoloration from heat.


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