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Approximately 40% savings on tool wear!

savings1Approximately 40% savings on tool wear!
Unexpected changes often turn out to be a stroke of luck. This occured when the German job shop company Eisen- und Stahlhandel Straub GmbH discovered the new
EdgeBreaker® deburring and rounding machine from ARKU. This machine saves the company an unexpected amount of money, time and labor.

Straub processes more than 4,000 tonnes of pre-manufactured parts per month. The German company focuses on cutting and bending reinforcing steel as well as cutting, drilling and sandblasting steel profiles. The plant manufactures flame-cut and welded parts up to 200 mm thick using high precision autogenous gas and plasma welding.

The touch screen control of the EdgeBreaker® enables Mr. Simon Straub, Production Manager, to quickly and conveniently enter part parameters.

This increased the growing need for perfectly leveled, deburred and rounded flame-cut parts in a small and large series with demanding time and quality requirements.

Simon Straub, Head of Production knows the problems: “Our customers always want two things: parts of consistently high quality and these parts as quickly as possible. We were looking for a solution which would enable us to react quickly and flexibly in order to fulfill these requirements. Naturally, without sacrificing quality. ARKU’s new business area was the perfect solution.”

The EdgeBreaker® 4000 – for panel thicknesses from 0.03 to 3.31 inches – offers Mr. Straub new options. Previously at Straub, four employees tackled the task of removing the millimeter thick burrs with angle grinders. They needed around three days for 1,000 parts. Over the course of the year, Straub required up to 20 angle grinders and the corresponding grinding discs to do this job. The deburring equipment cost several thousand euros per year.

Typical part that is deburred at Straub.

According to Simon Straub, the EdgeBreaker® 4000 has brought a number of changes: “We have now been using the EdgeBreaker® 4000 intensively for several months. We were surprised by how economical it is. In comparison to our previous machine, the EdgeBreaker® provides savings of roughly 40% in terms of tool wear.”

Simon Straub is also familiar with the benefits provided by the very even surface of the flame-cut parts and the resource savings, for example: “Thanks to its automatic calibration, the EdgeBreaker® not only provides constantly high-quality parts. We also save an amount of time with the machine. The EdgeBreaker® provides us with a massive advantage over manual deburring.”

savings2Convince yourself of the deburring and/or leveling quality provided by ARKU. Not only do we offer machine sales but also offer cost and time effective contract work for deburring and leveling. You are welcome to send test parts from your own product portfolio to our leveling and deburring center in Cincinnati, OH.