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Answers to Apprenticeship leads to Success


Getting the next generation involved in manufacturing is one of the most difficult tasks that this industry is currently facing.

How do we get the next generation of young men and women involved in this amazing field? 

How much could having a fresh pool of young students that are eager to learn, affect your current business?

On today’s Premier Post Minute, we are going to discuss how one manufacturer solved their need for new skilled workers.

GROB’s Bluffton Ohio facility who are builders of 5 axis machine right here in the USA has an apprenticeship program that started back in 1990. They only had a handful of students involved in the first class.  But Fast forward to 2020 and GROB has successfully graduated and hired over 380 highly qualified workers.  Through hands on training these young adults were transformed from students of the trade to highly skilled employees capable of mastering an industry that has a serious thirst for more skilled workers.

Those students had a vision of where they could be in the next 10, 20 or even 30 years if they stuck through the program by seeing every day Grob building their machines across from the apprentice area.  The hands-on training provided by GROB is incredible, the students start off with basic hand tools and manual machines, eventually work their way up to operating a full 5-axis machining center.  With a program so dedicated to the success of each individual student, it is no surprise that over 40% of GROB’s Bluffton Ohio workforce came from their own apprenticeship program.

If this sounds like a formula for success….Please call or text us the word “apprentice” to 414-254-5150