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2018 Year in Review: GROB: Over one hundred apprentices in our in-house program for the first time

Back in January, we discussed the over 100 apprenticeships that Grob has at their facility in Bluffton, Oh.

Over one hundred apprentices for the first time

The number of apprenticeships has quadrupled within seven years, and new opportunities have been created in technical and industrial training. GROB has training the workforce of tomorrow in its sights more than ever in order to meet the increasing demand for skilled workers.

Training young people is vital at GROB to safeguard the further development of the company and to meet the demand for young, skilled workers in a wide range of disciplines. The GROB training center, which is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and offers the best conditions for training, now offers training to around 100 young people every year in technical and commercial disciplines, preparing them for future employment with the company. The number of training positions to be filled has been rising constantly for years. GROB‘s apprenticeship program has grown from a mere 26 places in 2010 to breaking through the 100-place barrier across the different career paths in 2017. This trend is not only due to the company‘s growth, but also to the increasing range of technical expertise, including in the apprenticeship careers.

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