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Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence 360° Smart Inline Measurement Solutions

Hexagon 360° SIMSFast, rich and actionable process controlHexagon Metrology provides a broad solution for fully automated dimensional process and quality control. These are based on a long track record in developing and implementing worldwide measurement systems for measuring a variety of automotive parts and assemblies. The 360° SIMS offering includes a variety of cell configurations […]

Happy Memorial Day to all

Happy Memorial Day to all. All of us at Premier Machine Tool Midwest want to thank all those who are currently serving our great country and all those who we have lost while serving. We all love this great country and we could not enjoy our freedoms we have without all those who put their […]

5 Axis Thursday – SNK CMV 100 Pallet Machine

5 Axis Thursday – SNK CMV 100 Pallet Machine: The CMV Series of 5-axis machining centers are specifically designed to machine complex workpieces such as aircraft components, dies & molds and more. They can be used to machine various materials including aluminum alloy, steel and titanium.Column-feed design eliminates table overhang and assures easy maintenance of […]

Swiss-Type with Removable Guide Bushing offered since 2009

Swiss-Type with Removable Guide Bushing offered since 2009 The MLK-32 hybrid offers a seven-axis sliding headstock with a removable guide bushing. The hybrid model has a 7.5-hp main spindle and a 7.5-hp independent simultaneous subspindle, plus eight 2.2-hp live tools (ER16 or ER20). It can run 32-mm bar capacity with the guide bushing in place […]

Kuraki AKB Series – Japanese high precision and rigidity

In 2011, KURAKI built a new plant in Taiwan for the express purpose of assembling the AKB series machines. This facility was modeled after the newest KURAKI plant in Japan. Rigid ground more than 50t/m2 and the ferroconcrete foundation 1500mm (59.06″ in thickness are sufficiently load-capacity and stable environment to assemble large scale machine. Some […]

5 Axis Thursday- Hwacheon SIRIUS 5AX

5 Axis Thursday- Hwacheon SIRIUS 5AX Our universal 5-axis center provides the total machining solution, from tool selection to final product. The Machining Optimization System configures itself to fit machining conditions and applications for the best product results. The 2-axis rotary table at ø500 lets you create a product either by a 5-axis or a […]

Discover who we are, what we do and the evolving story behind our brand. Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence

Discover who we are, what we do and the evolving story behind our brand.Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence – Quality drives productivityHexagon Manufacturing Intelligence helps industrial manufacturers develop the disruptive technologies of today and the life-changing products of tomorrow. As a leading metrology and manufacturing solution specialist, our expertise in sensing, thinking and acting – the collection, […]

Hwacheon Precision Die-Mold Machining Center is……..unbelievable

Precision Die-Mold Machining Center is……..unbelievableHwacheon Machinery America has introduced the newest member of its high-precision machining centers for die-mold applications. Hwacheon’s Sirius UL+ 3-axis vertical machining center (VMC) features a 20,000 RPM high-speed spindle and Hwacheon’s adaptive software suite.“A number of useful options make mold-die machining more efficient with Sirius machines,” said a company spokesperson. […]